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People often wonder why are they shown the promotions and advertisements of products, but they fail to understand these products made are to reach the masses and hit the purpose for which they are made.

Consumer promotion is needed to enlarge the customer base, satisfy them that a brand thinks about them, and motivate them to try the product and lately to fall into the habit of a particular product or brand and keep buying more of it.

It is a technique to market the product and brand and make consumers add them to their wish list, but how is it possible? These techniques last for a short span but some promotions have long lasting effects and consumers go for them even after they are stopped being promoted. To create a lasting impression on minds of consumers needs not only knowledge and experience but also a constant market watch and an ability to bring newness to it.

Since ancient era it is believed “Consumer is King” and to impress a King is extremely tough. For your tough jobs, GiftTouch exists.

GiftTouch helps people distinguish your product from a number of products available in market. We have adequate experience to add glitter to the product by making consumer promotion in a creative manner.

We help you to promote your products in 2 ways –

Traditional Offers

The ones we hear day in and out like Gift Coupons, Discounts, promotional pricing trade-ins, Loyalty Programs, Free Samples and Trials fall under traditional promotion campaign and they are evergreen tactics to build your brand and increase market share. But recently their impact is slowed down and such promotions take time to build brand as generally all of the brands use this mode. Competition again favors a particular brand already known and the new product and brands have little scope in this.

Experiential Offers

Consumers are always on the go for something new and experiential offers are unique offers designed to win over the traditional ways and bring innovative changes in Gifting and Promoting world. GiftTouch helps you in creating customized consumer promotion offers for grabbing consumer attention and attain the desired target market.

With GiftTouch, consumer Promotion is thus uncomplicated and advantageous.


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