Corporate Gifting

Concept of Gifting

Why do we give gifts is a general question striking every head. People usually tend to believe gift is to show our love and care but gifting is more than that. Apart from showing affection, it waters the invisible seeds of relationships and keeps them going. It nurtures the values of respect, concern and appreciation for one another.

Corporate gifting

It is said that human resources and clients are an organisation’s real asset and it is quintessential to preserve this asset without any depreciation in its value. Hence the concept of Corporate Gifting was born and it is well said: “Gift doesn’t demand occasion but in corporate world occasion demands gift”.

There is a direct and proportional relation between the level of business that a client and a company wishing to gift share. So the rule is – “More the business, bigger the gift”.

Gift is a biggest motivator and therefore companies gift their employees too to enhance their performance and satisfy their need to be rewarded. Here the rule applies – “Higher the position, bigger the gift”.

Now that you know why to gift, you should also know what to gift. And to answer this you definitely need to be familiar with GiftTouch.

GiftTouch is a convenient platform to choose your quality gifting solutions. We provide you with a variety of gift alternatives and our exclusive range of products can accommodate any sort of promotional conduct and any occasion of corporate gifting. Moreover, we have expert led teams focussing on –

  • Quality and Concept based Gift Schemes
  • High- tech specialized Packaging
  • Gifting Services

Promotional Gifting

To sustain your brand’s recognition, promotion is must and for promotion, gift is must. Promotional gifting is in vogue in complement with brand recognition and we are more than pleased to offer you solutions and options for Promotional Gifts.

Our gifting strategies are well equipped to deliver quality and concept driven gift catalog and packaging services to clients of different sectors viz. Manufacturing industry, Healthcare industry, Pharmaceuticals, Cement companies, FMCG sector, Advertising Companies, and the like.

Gifts have no limitations and so does GiftTouch. We have way out for Wedding Gifts and Festive Gifts too. We compromise in quantity but never quality and that makes our gifting services exceptional.