Trade Promotion

Strategising Trade Promotion

People remember you and like you when they gain something from you and nobody will benefit others at their loss; same is with business.

Although running a business is not a cakewalk but business in itself is a huge cake and everyone wants its slice to taste. Apart from servicing clients and troubling your brain day and night to bake this cake, you also need to know the secret to distribute it amongst all associated parties and at the same time take hold of a bigger piece for you.

Channelizing and tactical distribution of the incentives you get is must and you definitely need some connoisseur to strategize it for you and keep the allied parties go on enthusiastically and not disturb your business.

How we can help you?

To make a brand well-known, you need to engage audience, have reputable dealers’ network and a pretty fair market share and all of this demands loyalty.

Our  programs suggest you distinguished set of trade promotion offers to engage your entire distribution and selling network; be it dealers, distributors, or agents, we have enough offers to keep them sealed in your pocket.

Moreover, our trade promotion system facilitates you in augmenting your market share, in brand recognition, in building a huge customer base and developing healthy mutual relation with dealers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Balanced Approach

Balanced approach is most favorable and convenient approach. With this ideology, we offer you an array of trade promotion schemes; these schemes are a win-win situation to all the involved parties and nobody is left off to relish the pleasure.

At times looking at the demand of your trading partners, we create complementary situational offers which suit best to them and your business position. Our offers are not limited to some products but they are mix and match of countless categories.

Ahead in the race.

To keep you ahead in this horse race, we at GiftTouch, ensure you are a competent player and an ultimate winner. We consider your ifs and buts and then formulate a strategy which leaves others behind and helps you enter new markets, maintain good relation with dealers and partners and also come out of conventional business methods and experiment new geographical market. It also assists you in dealing with retailers directly and luring them to partner with you.

Some of the leading companies in various segments have adopted our offers and benefitted enormously.

In this competitive market, GiftTouch thus never lets you sit and hold your arms folded, it rather boosts you to win the trade world and spread your wings.

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