Why Gift Touch

The world today is a brand ambassador of brands. People simply refuse to accept anything below standard and they prefer buying original brands under one roof. It’s not easy to promote a brand and seek attention when there is already haphazard rush into this segment. We understand ultimately it’s you who bears this unsystematic pain.

So we thought of creating something to match your requirements while giving you a rich shopping experience. We, at GiftTouch, are a bundle of goodies for you; we function systematically and our state of the art facilities will surely provoke your desire to buy more.

Right Delivery, Right Time.

Promised a delivery and now worried for its timely dispatch?

Gift Touch never lets your promises down; we have adequate first-rate warehouses and stocked inventory to serve you to deliver you the products of your choice, at your place and time.

Fulfilling your promises is our passion.

Concept driven

GiftTouch is a concept driven initiative and our highly efficient and expert team is our biggest strength.

Moreover, our dedicated team is process driven and 24*7 accessible to cater your needs.

Basket full of Golden Eggs

We have partnered with more than 25 first rate brands and this basket full of golden eggs is certainly a sumptuous deal for you.

Adding Value before sales

Something is worth only if it adds value. We don’t just buy and sell instead we add value before supplying. More than a mere distribution channel, our top clients like 3M consider us as a Promotional Consultant.

Everyone knows the ingredients but the right mix of ingredients makes the recipe tastier and the chef distinguished, so is with this brand world. Clients bring in their budget and overall concept, but the essential mix of core idea, high-tech, and the desired result demands expert attention. And when you talk about expert, we simply cannot avoid saying we are habitual experts.

Our Prominence

  • Quality
    21st century is “Quality-Protagonist” and the brands we promote are well-known for their quality since a number of years.
  • Concept
    Our focus is concept driven and you will be amazed to see your ideas and our concept in sync.
  • Packaging
    No matter how good a product is, but if it’s not packaged well, neither will it catch your eyes nor will it protect the product. We, at GiftTouch, take care that the product doesn‘t compromise its outlook and its packaging preserves and maintains it well.
  • Service
    The trust a customer is not limited to buying a product and the task of the seller is not just to collect the money; it is bigger than that and we understand this. Hence, our expert servicing team is available to serve our clients day and night.
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